Bournville Care Village - Birmingham


The Bournville Care Village is dedicated for older people to enjoy a healthier, active and more independent lifestyle. Bournville Village Trust has a rich landscape heritage that is firmly rooted within the Garden City Movement. Working closely with Bournville Architects we have developed masterplan proposals for the six acre site that seeks not to mimic the Bournville Village vernacular, but to distil garden village principles and reinterpret them as a respectful celebration of identity.

The Village Green is a central focal space that embraces the wider Bournville community. Clearly visible from the site entrance, it provides an attractive landscape setting for new buildings. Subtle use of signage is carefully co-ordinated with paving and furniture to support way-finding and promote passive surveillance. Arboretum inspired tree specimens are arranged to frame views whilst seasonal wetland swales extend through the Green to support the site drainage strategy and enhance biodiversity.

Key Features

  • Designed using the Garden Village principles
  • The landscape support independent living and wellbeing
  • Water features and SuDS
  • The design promotes biodiversity
  • Long term landscape management