CAMHS Unit - Bridgend


From the project’s inception, the Client and Design Team agreed that the external spaces should be an integral part of the facility, developed to support and to enhance patients’, visitors' and staff’s daily experiences. We achieved this through consultation with the staff and by applying the principles of the healing landscape, through which natural elements provide restorative, therapeutic benefits for physiological and psychological well-being.

Due to the vulnerable and sensitive nature of the patient group, the site layout and materials palette were designed to ensure that all users were provided with a safe and secure environment at all times. Furnishings were selected for their robustness whilst some were adapted to eliminate sharp edges and ligature risks. Plants were selected for scent, texture and colour as well as their ecological value.

Key Features

  • A secure and safe but nurturing environment
  • Provision of horticultural therapy
  • Wandering loops and seating areas
  • Incorporation of art into the design