Chilton Trinity School - Bridgwater


Chilton Trinity School in Somerset is part of the Somerset BSF. Rebuilding the existing school to incorporate an additional community leisure facility allowed us to completely re-configure the grounds using the concept of the Outdoor Classroom and incorporating the principles of ‘Learning Through Landscapes’. The primary objective of our design was to create an environment that promotes opportunities for learning, teaching, recreation and social interaction.

Creative site planning enabled us to create a community zone and secure private facilities for the school.

We responded to the strong axial design of the architecture and the adjacent uses of the federations where the indoors and outdoors meet, creating outdoor classroom spaces and curriculum gardens. The design is inspired by the local Somerset landscape character and respects the surrounding meadows and water, bringing the countryside into the site so that all may benefit.

Photography by John Seaman Photography

Key Features

  • The design is influenced by the Somerset landscape
  • Community sports facilities and local rugby club
  • Curriculum gardens and outdoor classrooms
  • Geology garden