Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Car Park


The Royal Hospital for Sick Children was to be relocated from the city centre to the Royal Infirmary site south east of Edinburgh. To enable the move we undertook the large scale redevelopment of the hospital infrastructure including the relocation of a large area of car parking to a new site outside the current boundary of the Royal Infirmary.

We designed the car park for 1400 car parking spaces on an area of flood plain. We utilised the existing mature hedgerows and burns to reduce the scale of the development on this visually and ecologically sensitive site. The efficient layout of the car park provides good search patterns for visitors to find a parking space whilst creating strongly defined pedestrian routes to bus stops and footpaths to the hospital.

Key Features

  • Mature native and semi mature tree planting to reinforce the existing hedgerows
  • Retaining the natural landscape character
  • Safe pedestrian routes
  • Incorporating a SUDs system