Green Infrastructure - London


Our entry for the ‘greening the capital’ design competition set out to provide a pre-fabricated system of landscape cells to rapidly deliver a network of “high quality, multifunctional green spaces” desired in ‘The London Plan’ with minimal disruption to the city’s existing grey infrastructure.

Central London is the most urbanised part of the city where the introduction of green infrastructure could have the most impact in adapting the city to climate change; increasing access to open space and promoting health and well-being. The opportunities to do this, however, are rare because of limited suitable space; existing services and archaeological heritage. Our solution was to use the principle of off-site construction to provide a green web of pre-planted cells with a standard kit of parts that can be fitted together in a myriad of configurations to form instant linear networks; allotments, green walls, green roofs, pocket parks and urban forest.

Key Features

  • Green infrastructure
  • Prefabricated landscape cells
  • Promoting health and well-being