Greets Green Park - West Bromwich


We were appointed by Sandwell Metropolitan Council to redesign the football fields in West Bromwich as a new park and the centre piece for the New Deal for Communities, a major housing construction programme. The park will act as the catalyst for change in an area that has seen a gradual decline in quality and population.

Following an in depth review of many studies of this area and extensive consultation with stakeholders, we identified the current problems and issues to be tackled to ensure the design which would make a positive contribution to the neighbourhood.

Our masterplan is inspired by patterns in nature, with the structure based on a spiral including sports facilities, gardens, a central pavilion to include a crèche and local GP surgery plus new gateways with improved links to the local community.

The inclusion of new homes will provide funding for the project.

Key Features

  • Inclusive design
  • A setting of quality for new homes
  • Extensive public consultation
  • A safe and stimulating environment