National Shipyard No.1 - Chepstow


From its inception, the development of this site needed to be sympathetic to a number of key considerations: its rich ecological status; its interesting industrial heritage and its landscape setting within the River Wye valley adjacent to Chepstow town centre.

Using the council’s county wide Green Infrastructure Plan we developed a Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy. This allowed us to develop a masterplan that accommodated the specific housing requirements but also allowed for green corridors, informal and formal play spaces, introduction of a riverside path, community growing spaces and a biophilic approach to the integration of housing and community on this ecologically sensitive site. The result was an outline planning submission that incorporated 650 dwellings in a unique landscape setting that benefits not only those living there but the wider community of Chepstow.

Key Features

  • Biophilic development
  • Green infrastructure
  • Visually and historically sensitive site