Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre - Oxford


The existing hospital site at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre developed over a period of time with infill development leaving unusable areas between buildings, ad hoc car parking and disjointed pedestrian circulation.  We identified the need to rationalise the site and provide a landscape setting for the new building that would improve the experience of anyone visiting the hospital.

Our proposals provide an attractive, safe and therapeutic environment based on the concept of the ‘healing landscape’. Throughout the hospital, the landscape was designed to create an environment which reduces stress and provides clear, non-convoluted routes to all areas with attractive views from the orthopaedic wards.

Key Features

  • The courtyards bring the landscape close to the patients
  • Gardens are used for rehabilitation, exercise and patient assessment
  • A therapy courtyard has been provided adjacent to the gymnasium incorporating ramps and steps, which will enable patients to regain mobility
  • Outdoor play areas are provided to allow clinicians to assess children in a stress free environment
  • Horticulture Week Award, Highly Commended for Best Commercial Project