The Dudley Group of Hospitals PFI


The Dudley Group of Hospitals comprises three separate sites including Russells Hall Hospital, Guest and Corbett Outpatient Centres. We were commissioned to masterplan and design the grounds for this major PFI hospital including the rebuild and refurbishment of the existing Harness Hospital, originally designed by Fira in 1976. On a complex operational hospital site, we worked to incorporate the new and existing hospital buildings to create a legible and attractive setting for the patients, staff and visitors.

Russells Hall has eight new courtyards, with the existing courtyards in the old Harness block completely refurbished. A common theme links the courtyards, but each has its own colour scheme and identity, assisting with wayfinding around the hospital.

Key Features

  • Intuitive wayfinding
  • Complex vehicle access requirements including a helipad
  • The external landscape was designed to provide an attractive view from hospital windows
  • Planting to attract wildlife
  • The hospital remained operational throughout, due to┬ácareful phasing and temporary works
  • Arts programme incorporated into the design for the gardens