This design identifies people’s desire to use the outdoor spaces on their doorstep and explores how they can overcome their reservations and re-engage with the natural world.

The design won the runner-up award as part of the Landscape Institute competition ‘Transforming the Urban Landscape’

In the UK, 8 million people live near a canal, often in urban areas where open space is limited. During the Covid pandemic, the canal corridor became a vital escape for people needing to recharge both mentally and physically, and the increase in pressure on already constrained sites exposed challenges for all visitors. The Erewash Canal, Ilkeston provided a test bed for exploring how we can enhance canal corridors to address the rise in numbers and diversity of people looking to our canals for restoration, recreation, and off-road travel.

Recognition: Runner Up, Landscape Institute International design competition, Transforming the urban landscape.

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Fira is delighted to share with you our new brand! With exciting developments within the company, we felt it was time to

Both projects have been shortlisted at the European Healthcare Awards 2023. Great to be involved in working towards healing environments with Ryder

Amazing news to share. Fira is honoured to have won the Landscape Architecture Studio Award at the Pro Landscaper Business Awards 2023.