Restoring the healthy balance between place, people and wildlife within this former centre for iron mining

Our approach focused on restoring health and wellbeing to the landscape and all its users, whilst protecting and enhancing nature in this sensitive area. Promoting a healthy place full of rich habitats, offers a healthy wildlife population with a greater number and diversity of species. With a healthier and more diverse place, an appropriate infrastructure to attract more people and enrich their experience in nature, local culture and heritage can be established, as the project submission demonstrates.

Collaboration with: Child Graddon Lewis

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Fira is delighted to share with you our new brand! With exciting developments within the company, we felt it was time to

Both projects have been shortlisted at the European Healthcare Awards 2023. Great to be involved in working towards healing environments with Ryder

Amazing news to share. Fira is honoured to have won the Landscape Architecture Studio Award at the Pro Landscaper Business Awards 2023.