We created a brief that was simple,

‘A place to begin a journey of discovery into the incredible heritage, culture and creativity of Leeds. A place to hear the many stories our communities have to tell, and a place to begin our own’

Our response was to see Leeds City Square as a place to be curated with the people, and not just for them. The City’s statement of intent includes that people come first, and all communities should have a chance to be represented, and although we could not represent Leeds in a single space we could, collectively, create a place for Leeds to represent itself. By engaging communities through the journey from design to activation we aimed to create a place which was an authentic expression of the city, the people, and their stories.

“These trees are strangers, making space for you and making welcome, grafting a new track with every shift of light and air. In these tall trees you’re lost and found anew, anew. You step into this wood yourself, come back a different person through the different trees.”

Antony Dunn

Leeds, October 2020

Collaboration with: Child Graddon Lewis, Antony Dunn & Split Design

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Fira is delighted to share with you our new brand! With exciting developments within the company, we felt it was time to

Both projects have been shortlisted at the European Healthcare Awards 2023. Great to be involved in working towards healing environments with Ryder

Amazing news to share. Fira is honoured to have won the Landscape Architecture Studio Award at the Pro Landscaper Business Awards 2023.